British Food Fortnight 

23rd September – 8th October is British Food fortnight which celebrates all that is great about Great British food and its producers.

How often do you check where your food was made? When shopping on a busy Saturday afternoon, perhaps the last thing on your mind is that little label that provides you with the information, but here at Becketts we think it is important to know where food has come from.

With the exception of some speciality ingredients and some fruits and vegetables our Farm Shop is jam packed with fantastic products made by local and British producers, products that we think are simply fantastic… and this is our fortnight to shout about it so that’s what we’re going to do!

Shire Meadows Beef 

Shire Meadows Beef is produced by A E Poxon and Sons Ltd – a family meat business, based in Brownhills in South Staffordshire that can be traced back over five generations.

Nick and Chris Poxon personally oversee all livestock purchases, meat production and sales and over the years the family have developed a culture where all the staff take great pride in what they do. The result is ‘attention to detail’ that ensures they maintain their excellent reputation for quality beef.

Their beef is fully traceable and as such, our Becketts Farm Butchers have the confidence of being able to trace the beef right back to the farm it came from.

Our butchers buy the animal in whole and prepare it into many cuts - that means we can cater for your specific requirements much more easily than the supermarket shelf! 

Caldecotts Poultry 

We source much of our poultry from the fantastic local farm, Caldecotts which is based in our very own village of Wythall. Robert Caldecott and his family are committed to high animal welfare standards and his chickens and turkeys are raised from a day old nurturing them to full maturity. The poultry are free range, enjoying clean bedding, fresh water, food and access to daylight at all times and no promoters or additives are used. As well as chicken and turkey all year round, we call on this supplier most in the festive months and every December Caldecotts supply us and our customers with hundreds of turkeys! 

Sessions Sausages 

Sessions of Worcestershire has been established for over 35 years and is a traditional third generation family run business specialising in the manufacture of sausage and catering butchery.

Sessions of Worcestershire was founded in 1978 by Stanley Sessions. Shortly after this he was joined by his son Graham. In 2011 Graham’s daughter Kate joined the company and today she continues to run the company with the same values as her grandad and father did.

In our farm shop we sell over 6 different flavoured sausages and our restaurant next door serves the sausages on award-winning breakfasts too. 

Fowlers Cheese

Just around the corner from us in Earlswood is a family-run cheesemakers that has been in business since 1670. For over fourteen generations the Fowler family have been producing traditional cheeses. We stock a great range of their hard pressed cheeses, from mild to extra mature, flavoured cheeses and soft cheeses too.

A fantastic local product and one of the best British producers out there! 

Snowdonia Cheese

Next we head to North Wales, and we stock a fantastic range of luxury cheeses from ‘Snowdonia Cheese’. Their Black Bomber mature cheddar is a multi-award-winning cheese and we can understand why – it’s delicious!

As well as this best seller, we stock some of their flavoured cheeses also including Pickle Power and Bouncing Berry.

They have some fantastic recipe ideas too and we often have cards to pick up in store, but why not take a look online now for some inspiration

Mrs Darlington's Preserves

If you’re looking for that genuine homemade taste for your pantry, you’ll find everything you need with our range of Mrs Darlington’s jams, marmalades, chutneys and more. The company was started by Marion Darlington in the 1980s using traditional methods and the company is very much still in the family with eldest daughter, Sarah working closely alongside her. Each jar is finished with the slogan ‘Made with Love’ and the proof is in the taste… Lots of our customers agree that the lemon curd is the best they’ve ever tasted!  

Purity Brewery Beers

Purity Brewing Company is an award winning craft brewery established in 2005. When Purity Brewing Company set out, their mission was simple: brew great beer without prejudice, with a conscience and with a consistency and an attention to detail, which is second to none.

Based on a working farm in the heart of the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, Purity are committed to brewing beer with a conscience. Their brewery practices are designed to be environmentally friendly and in some cases, environmentally enriching.

We stock a fantastic range of their beers and lagers in the Farm Shop so take a look next time you’re passing by.

We also run a Beer & Butchery cooking class in the Orange Kitchen Cookery School where as well as the expertise of the chef and butcher, Purity are also on hand to teach you a little about their brewing process and how their products can complement different foods.  

Outdoor Pig co. Pork Pies 

Our pork pies are stocked from the Outdoor Pig Company, which is a local family run business based in Evesham. They’ve won the Champion Pork Pie award at the Melton Mowbray British Pie Awards for three years in a row, so they must be good!

The company prides itself on offering a high quality and, wherever possible, local produce at a reasonable price - a great British supplier who we’re proud to stock. 

Becketts Farm Honey 

New for 2017, we are pleased to reveal this yummy homemade honey that is being produced on our farm in Earlswood. Honey has many benefits and can be used to help with allergies, diabetes and even wound healing. Not forgetting it’s a delicious ingredient for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. What's most important is that it is produced 3 miles down the road and it doesn't get more local than that. Follow us on Facebook for new product updates.

Becketts Bakery Bread and Cotswold Flour

Call us biased but our ultimate favourite British product this British Food Fortnight is the delicious bread that we bake fresh here daily. We use Matthew’s Cotswold Flour who are the leading independent flour millers in the UK, and as the name suggests are based in the Cotswold’s. Another true and well established British family business now in its fifth generation, you can pick up a smaller bag of the flour in the Farm Shop to try your hand at your own bread making at home. 

Evesham Tomatoes 

We source our tomatoes from Evesham growers, R & L Holt.  They are a family run tomato business which started growing tomatoes in the early 1980's.

They use some fascinating and sustainable methods of growing allowing them to produce tomatoes all year round! 

Our greengrocers really trust them to deliver quality produce to the Becketts Farm shelves, a fantastic British product.


All of our eggs in the Farm Shop come from the same farm in Gloucestershire making Happy Chucks free range eggs are our next British Food Fortnight hero! We have a wide range of chicken’s eggs from this supplier, in medium, large, XL and double yolkers. 

Lyme Bay Wines

Lyme Bay Winery is a small, dedicated West Country company passionate about producing delicious, award-winning drinks. They have a delicious range of flavours too, from blackberry to elderflower, peach to raspberry and then to the more unusual cowslip and birch wines. If you don’t believe that England has the climate for great wine production, we suggest you try these – you won’t be disappointed!  

Pershore College Apple Juice and Cider 

When it comes to British producers, this one is quite special - Pershore College, an agricultural college in Warwickshire, make and supply their own juices and ciders. All of the juice is pressed and bottled in the colleges own purpose-built juicing and bottling facility, where they also have carbonating facilities for the production of cider and sparkling apple juice. 

Where possible, they use fruit which they grow themselves at the College under Assured Farm Standards. When their own stocks are exhausted, they source fruit only from local growers whose orchard management practices are in line with their own. 

The College also has a small area of cider trees, originally planted as a demonstration cider orchard, with over 100 varieties of cider apple.  These are fermented together to produce their own range of ciders.

The beauty of this product is, that unlike supermarkets, the college do not insist on uniformity, instead they fully expect that each batch of juice will be slightly different from the last because nature makes it that way.

Pegoty Hedge - Organic Ready Meals

Located in the picturesque Worcestershire countryside at the foot of the historic Malvern Hills beside the River Severn, Pegoty Hedge is a family owned and run business.

They’ve been making delicious ready meals since 2008 and each and every one is still handmade, from fresh ingredients, from scratch in their kitchen by a dedicated and talented team.

They take special care and pride in their meals, ensuring attention to detail – right down to the individual hand garnishes and ‘forked’ patterns on top of the Cottage Pie, working on the basis that if you use quality ingredients in the beginning and pay care and attention in cooking you will produce a consistently great tasting product.

These are ready meals with a real difference! 

Bennett & Dunn Rapeseed Oil

Bennett and Dunn Rapeseed Oil is produced by husband and wife team, Tracey and Rupert Bennett. The oil is hand-pressed, triple-filtered and bottled on the farm by Rupert himself. The Farm is an established farm in Shropshire with 30 years of farming experience. The oil is gluten free and the production process means that the end product is free from chemicals – it’s full of natural goodness. You can watch a really informative video about their production process on their website