There's Something Hatching at Becketts

8th - 17th April 10am - 4pm daily 

Spring is on the horizon and in the past that has always meant the arrival of the lambs, chicks and other animals to the barn at Becketts Farm.

There’s been a bit of a change to our events space and the event will be a little smaller than previous years, but we’re pleased to say you’ll still be able to come and visit lambs, chicks and a selection of other animals here on site from 8th-17th April.

The event is being held in the field on the Becketts Farm site, so wellies are advised! It will be under a covered marquee though, so don’t let the weather put you off.

Entry is £1 per person, and under 1's are FREE!

Come along and welcome our new chicks into the world and say hello to some of our other animal guests including lambs, ewes and donkeys!         

We can't wait to see you there!

Please Note

In previous years it has been possible to handle the chicks at our Easter event. At Becketts Farm, our main priority is the welfare of our animals and to ensure that they are healthy and happy. As with last year, we will not be offering chick photos or any handling of our chicks as we are committed to avoiding any unnecessary stress. Thank you for your support in our decision, and for understanding that our animals' welfare must be at the centre of everything we do.

Lamb Feeding – this year, with Easter falling quite late, the lambs we will have to see are older and stronger and will have moved on from bottle feeding. They’re still extremely cute and fluffy to look at, but we will not be able to offer lamb feeding experiences, as we have done in previous years.