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From our family’s farming roots, through 80 years of diversification today we’re proud to welcome you to our Farm Shop, Restaurant, Cookery School, Conference Centre and much much more.

What’s Going on at Becketts Farm

We’ve always got something going on at Becketts Farm.

We’re easy to find!


Just off junction 3 of the M42. Head north, signposted Birmingham (A435) and take the slip road on the left before the roundabout.

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Simon’s News – December 2020

Simon’s News – December 2020

I begin my news with talking like a typical farmer who moans about the weather, whatever it is doing! It is either too dry, too hot, too cold and this month it has been too wet!! That has not stopped our farming team from being busy though! It is a constant effort to upgrade our farms and last month we invested in some new signage. We have also re-tarmacked Poplars Farm and at the same time we have installed some speed bumps. Interestingly speed bumps come with a mph rating. These are rated 5mph and even at such a slow...