Here you will find a list of FAQs to help answer any questions you may have about the Orange Kitchen. There are questions on gift vouchers, adult courses and children's courses.

If you can't see the answer to your question below, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 01564 823402. 

Gift Vouchers

Q. I am not sure what course my friend would like to attend, can I leave it for them to choose?

A. Yes, of course. Simply purchase an open voucher which will allow the recipient to choose a course themselves. An open voucher has a 6 month expiry date and we frequently add new course dates so there’ll be plenty to choose from.

Q.  I have received an open gift voucher and would like to book on a course, can I do this online?

A. Unfortunately not, the only way to redeem an open voucher is to call our friendly team on 01564 823402 and we’ll get your booking sorted out for you. It helps if you’ve been online first to see which course you’d like to choose, but we can talk you through these if you have no access to a computer.

Q. My voucher is coming up to its expiry date and I can’t see a course I want to book yet. What should I do?

A. We advise you give us a call to register your voucher, so that we know you intend to use it in the near future. Let us know your preferred course type/cuisine and we’ll keep you on a waiting list to be notified for the next available date.

Q. I have received a gift voucher for a specific course, but cannot make the date, what should I do next?

A. Give us a call as soon as possible after receiving your voucher. We will do our best to reschedule you onto the next available course in the same cuisine. Unfortunately, at short notice rescheduling or refunding is not always possible and so please give us as much notice as you can.

Adult Course Questions

Q. What time do your courses run?

A. All of our courses run in the evenings 6pm-9pm. 

Q. Do you run courses at weekends?

A. We do not run courses at weekends, no.

Q. Do you run courses in the daytime?

A. No, this is not something that we do at present, our courses are run in the evenings 6pm-9pm

Q. What should I bring along to my cookery course?

A. Simply bring yourself! All equipment including aprons, takeaway tubs, utensils, ingredients etc. are provided for you. This is a kitchen environment though, so we advise sensible shoes and clothing!

Q. Do I need to arrive early?

A. It is advisable to arrive 10-15 mins early for the course. This gives you chance to settle in - fill in our short form, get yourself a drink and begin to get to know those on the course with you.

Q. Will refreshments be provided?

A. We provide wine, water, tea, coffee and juice for you to enjoy at leisure. In terms of food, we advise that you have a snack before you come along. You’ll get little tasters of what you’re cooking as you go along, but there is no formal dining element to our course.

Q. Once at Becketts Farm, how do I find the Orange Kitchen?

A. Look directly at the main Farm Shop entrance. To the left of it is a set of double doors. This is the evening entrance to the Orange Kitchen. Enter through the door, and then once inside, through the door on your immediate right.

Q. Is there parking at the venue?

A. Plentiful parking is available for up to 300 cars. All parking is free and the car park is lit. 

Q. Are other facilities on site open?

A. Our award-winning Farm Shop shuts at 6pm, so if you fancy a browse make sure you turn up a little early to your course. We have a Restaurant and Coffee Shop here too, but those do both close at 5pm.  

Q. How old do you need to be to take part in an adult course? 

A. Our adult courses are suitable for anyone 18 and over. We can permit those aged 16-17, however they must be accompanied by a paying adult. For those who are younger we run Children's Classes for 8-15 year olds. 

Q. Can you cater for specific dietary requirements or allergies? 

A. If you, or the recipient you are booking for has a specific dietary requirement of allergy, please get in touch and we can advise on suitable courses for them to attend. Many of our courses can be adapted to accommodate your needs. Please note that every care is taken to avoid any cross contamination when catering for a Cookery School customer with a specific dietary requirement. We do however work in a kitchen that processes allergenic ingredients and do not have a specific allergen free zone. Wheat and gluten ingredients which are deep fried will use the same fryers in our kitchens as dishes not containing these ingredients - there may be risk of cross contamination which may therefore affect extremely sensitive sufferers. If you require any advise on this prior to booking, please call 01564 823402 and one of the team will be happy to assist. 

Q. Do you have a cancellations policy? 

A. In the unfortunate event that you can no longer make your cookery course, we ask for 48 hours notice in order for us to reschedule you onto another course date. In rescheduling your space, we can only move you on to a course which falls within 6 months from the original date of your course. Refunds are not given. 

Children's Course Questions

Q. Do you run children's courses?

A. Yes, we do run fun and engaging children's courses.

Q. When are they held?

A. Our Children's classes are held during the school holidays, we usually have both a morning and an afternoon session. 

Q. How old does my child have to be to do the course?

A. The children's courses are suitable for 8-15 year olds. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot offer courses for younger children, because of equipment available to us in the kitchen. 

Q. Is parent supervision required on the course? 

A. No, these courses are for children only and children are supervised by trained chefs. You can put your feet up for a few hours and leave them in our care.