80 Years of Farming in Wythall

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80 Years of Farming in Wythall

Family business celebrates 80 years of farming in Wythall

For Becketts Farm, a family farming business in South Birmingham this year marks the celebration of their 80th year farming the land in Wythall – a mammoth milestone of which they are extremely proud.

Whilst today Becketts Farm is known for its retail and hospitality business, with an award winning Farm Shop, Restaurant and much more, over the past 80 years it has grown and diversified alongside the community that it serves.

The farm was originally purchased by Albert Beckett, a dairy farmer who moved from Shropshire with his small herd of cows. It has since been passed through the generations, first to Albert’s son Alan, and then to his son and current Managing Director, Simon Beckett.

From dairy farming to egg production, in the 1960s Alan led the business become the 4th largest egg producer in the UK and set up the first retail operation for Becketts farm, with the farm shop and bakery officially opened in 1980.

In the 1990s, Simon took over the business, diversifying the farm through a growing retail operation and property and business lets.

Community remains at the heart of this award-winning family business, with the company investing in local sports clubs, charities and working closely with business partners.

Speaking of the importance of community over the years, and the role it will continue to play in the future, Simon said:

“Looking forward to the next 80 years, I don’t know exactly how this business will change and evolve. What I do know is that we will always remain dedicated to keeping our community, our customers and our people at the heart of all that we do. Wythall is after all, the centre of the Universe and the more people who realise that, the better!”

The company will celebrate this milestone in September and local residents in the village of Wythall will be sent vouchers to purchase staple groceries such as Eggs, Bread, Cheese and even a Rise and Shine breakfast in our restaurant at 1937 prices throughout the month.

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